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July: Take Time to Enjoy the Summer

Posted on 12 July 2010 | Category: Tips

summerWith spring’s post-winter must-do cleanup behind us, July is great time to take stock of things around your home that may not have received the attention they deserved in the months before and add to the special feeling of summer.

With that in mind, here are some tips and to-dos for July:

Get Decked Out

Summer evenings on the deck are some of our best summer memories. Does your deck need a little help to restore its luster — or are you ready for that custom dream deckweb_art_deck6Get Dwell is offering  10% off all deck-related work this summer.

Park the Clutter

Are bikes overflowing your garage? Has the summer brought a change in your storage needs? The garage is an ideal storage space, but that also makes it a prime candidate for clutter. Get Dwell has helped our clients with smart, inexpensive garage storage solutions that let them make the most of their space and get their garages looking great.

Go Green

tips4If you read May’s Healthy Home News, you might have noticed we suggested two additions that can make your  home more environmentally sustainable: rain barrels and a compost bin. Rain barrels aren’t just a great source of water for your garden and chores like car washing, they can help bolster your home’s watersheds in a heavy rain and help keep water from getting your home. A compost bin lets you take organic refuse and turn it in to a food source that will have your garden growing green without environmentally damaging fertilizers.

Mend Your Fences

gateLots of homeowners have fences that include gates. When those gates aren’t working properly they can cause a whole host of headaches and inconveniences. Since fence gates get a lot of use in the summer, it’s an ideal time to get any malfunctioning equipment repaired so it opens and closes smoothly and locks easily. If you have kids or a dog, Get Dwell recommends installing an automatic gate closer. It’s inexpensive, and it pays off in peace of mind. Get Dwell is offering  10% off gate work.

If you’d like to know more about any of these tips or want to schedule a consultation about a summertime home improvement or repair project, call Get Dwell today.

A Great Way to Maintain a Healthy Home

Posted on 12 July 2010 | Category: Featured Projects

clarkesCharles Clarke appreciates the value of keeping the home he and his wife built in 1968 in excellent repair. Now in his early 80s, he can envision a time down the road when the house might be placed on the market or fall to his children.

That’s why Clarke counts on Get Dwell for regular assessments that help him identify problems and potential problems he might miss, and for repairs and other maintenance he knows need to be made.

clarkes2“They go through the house and find things I don’t see,” Clarke says. “On one visit they noticed carpenter bees had penetrated the wood on my house. I’d never even heard of carpenter bees. On another visit they found a piece of sunken pipe that had pulled away from a downspout, and they fixed it. Those are just a couple small examples of the work they’ve done here.”

On a larger scale, Get Dwell found foundation leaks and window issues and other more serious problems that the Clarkes were unaware of. Get Dwell implemented corrective solutions that saved the couple a lot of money, effort and frustration while adding to the value  and sale-ability of the house.

clarkes3Clarke continues: “I have a long checklist of maintenance recommendations from a recent visit they made, things that help my keep the house in tip-top shape. That kind  of service is one reason I think very highly of the work Get Dwell does.”

Clarke’s checklist is a result of the Home Health Assessment, a unique service developed by Get Dwell that involves semi-annual walk-throughs of our clients’ homes, followed by a report detailing recommended repairs and maintenance. Once it’s prepared, Get Dwell guides you through the Home Health Assessment report and helps you prioritize work based on importance and cost.

clarkes4Regular Home Health Assessments are a way for Get Dwell to develop a relationship with your home, and set a maintenance “baseline” that informs future assessments and helps us better identify issues down the road. And they’re a great way for you to avoid potentially expensive surprises and get peace of mind your home is in good repair from top to bottom.

We’ll talk more about the Home Health Assessment in future issues. In the meantime, if you’d like to schedule your own assessment, give us a call or e-mail us.

Special Creations from Get Dwell

Posted on 12 July 2010 | Category: General

Two specials we offered last month — savings on outdoor projects and work promoting art — recently yielded a crop of fun and interesting project for Get Dwell. We enjoyed them so much we wanted to share a few of them with you. These projects took advantage of  the 10% savings and we hope you bring us your fun art and outdoor projects too.

Art Effect

special_projects3Get Dwell worked with local leather artists, Meg McGuinness and Casey Gunschel, who create belts, bags, as well as exquisitely tooled leather canvases that can be hung or used as decorative accents on furniture. To display those works in a recent gallery show, they asked Get Dwell to craft a welded internal structure that would allow the leatherwork to display flat, without folding over or warping. You can see the result in the accompanying photo.

Hen House

special_projects2A Chicago resident who owns and operates a sustainable lawn care company decided to become more sustainable himself and hatched some chickens in his basement. And while the basement worked well for chicks it became clear they needed a proper coop as they grew bigger. Our client searched for coops online but found them prohibitively expensive, so he turned to Get Dwell for a less-costly alternative. We created a custom-designed coop that could be built for a fraction of the price of the online offering, and our client’s now-grown chickens have a roomy and comfortable home of their own.

Year-Round Gardening

special_projects4A client approached us to rebuild an old, rotted and unused cold frame attached to her house — essentially a small, walk-in greenhouse that jutted out from the side of her home. These were once common structures found throughout this area that allow plants to be started earlier in the spring, and to survive longer into the fall and winter. The new-improved cold frame has resulted in a new hobby for our client, giving her a range of year-round gardening activities.

special_projectsHave an outdoor project you’ve been thinking about? Want to build a small art studio? A new deck or outdoor structure? Through August, we’re extending two recent monthly specials, offering 10% off labor charges for any outdoor or art-related project. Call Get Dwell for more information.