Making The Most Of Interior Spaces

mantle2When the frost is on the pumpkin and the nip is in the air, it’s time to fully embrace the interior spaces of your home.  Get Dwell’s team of talented professionals can help you bring the family together, by transforming your living spaces in optimal ways. Use these examples to get your ideas flowing.

Home Is Where The Hearth Is

It was Frank Lloyd Wright who observed, “The hearth is the psychological center of the home.” We have helped many clients transform the look and usefulness of their fireplace.  One client was captivated by a mantle she found at a flea market and she just knew it would be perfect for her home. A custom fit was needed. mantleOur expert craftsman made the mantle look like it had been there forever, and it gave the entire room a fresh, new and striking look. Another client gave us drawings to fabricate a mantle out of old douglas fir beams that came out of her house during a recent remodel. We will be fabricating the mantle and incorporating a beautiful tile insert which the family will be enjoying before the holidays.

Kids Room By Day … Man Cave After Dark

Craving your own special place of refuge?  Get Dwell’s staff can work with you to transform even the most unique opportunities into your perfect dream space. One client had an 1870’s home with an old horse stable that was kidsroom3being used as a garage.  We helped transform the space into a kids’ room by day and man cave at night – not only the perfect “mantuary” retreat, but also a great place for overnight guests to stay.

Enliven Your Space With An Entertainment System

We all have busy lives.  Home theatres and media rooms can help us relax by providing an experience so enveloping and mesmerizing that we are forced to slow down and take notice.  Well planned, a home theatre or media room can provide experiences so interesting and exciting that we can make a refreshing escape from the cares of the day.  And there is more than one way to achieve this result.

bigpicture2The Big Picture Home Theatre Company located on the North Shore specializes in audio/video system design and installation, and they have worked successfully with many Get Dwell clients to transform their interior spaces.  Here are some ideas from the experts at The Big Picture about bringing A/V into your environment:

Dedicated Rooms. The Big Picture can design and install a private screening room where movies come alive with the immersive sights and sounds the director intended; or a media room, equally suited to movies, sports and video games, with an immediacy that takes you into the heart of the action. Its staff is expert bigpicturenot only at identifying the proper audio and video equipment for these spaces, but also in room design and execution, including acoustics, soundproofing, lighting, seating and cabinetry, so that all of the room’s elements work together for an extraordinary experience.

Living Spaces. Family rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and home offices can be wonderful places to enjoy your favorite movies and music. But no one wants those spaces to be dominated by audio/video equipment. The Big Picture is expert at integrating home entertainment with living spaces, providing products that blend aesthetically with the surroundings or disappear entirely: living rooms where the music speakers look like the walls themselves; family rooms where the television disappears behind a painting; and master bedrooms where all bigpicture3electronic gear is neatly hidden away. The company specializes in systems that are high in performance, low in visibility.

For more information about enhancing your interior spaces, give Get Dwell a call today.