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The “Balancing Act” of Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Budgets

Posted on 07 October 2012 | Category: Tips

Introduced by Fine Homebuilding Magazine, The Kitchen and Bath Association and Paul DeGroot, Architect

At this year’s Kitchen and Bath Association show in Chicago, architect Paul DeGroot explained how to take your wish list, add good planning  and make smart design choices to get the most from both your budget and your remodeling project.

The Remodeling Budget — A Balancing Act

The Sky is Rarely the Limit. . .

The Client Wish List
  • Bigger Kitchens
  • Taller Ceilings
  • Bathroom Privacy
  • Better Lighting
  • More Counter Space
  • Two Sinks
  • More Attractive Cabinets
  • Better Use of Space
  • Updated Colors
Good Planning for Moderate Budgets
  • Save walls wherever possible
  • Re-use part of big ticket items, plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, etc.
  • Leave the toilet where it is
  • Set up allowances for finish-out items (and stick to them!)
  • Make smart appliance choices
  • Plan upgrades of relatively easy-to-replace items (surface mounted lights, doors, slide-in appliances, countertops / backsplashes
  • Find creative ways a homeowner can assist
Smart Designs for all Budgets
  • Always fix function and flow problems first
  • Minimize traffic through the cooks domain
  • Upgrade Lighting – both natural and electric
  • Know when bigger may not be better
  • Skip the “show tub”. Design a great shower instead
  • Stick to a unified aesthetic
  • Avoid surprises by having a well defined work scope

With typical kitchen remodels ranging from $25k-60k, master bathrooms from $25k-50k and hall baths from $8k-20k it makes sense to incorporate good planning and encourage smart design from the very start. If you would like professional help planning and designing your next remodeling project please give us a call or email us at