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A free “Jano” consultation with every painting estimate

Posted on 10 November 2013 | Category: Tips

Our finish painter, Jano Brindisi has been creating elegant and sophisticated painting and design work for homeowners on the North Shore and Chicago for 30 years.

“Well not 30 years entirely, there was a time for a couple years when I was Nicholas Cage’s personal painter in L.A … but that’s a different story,” laughs Jano. Classic homes require a classic finish and Jano has learned to create any type of finish a homeowner desires. “I can help show the possibilities” she says. “One of my favorites is a tone-on-tone vertical striping of the same color while the finishes alternate from satin to flat. This subtle technique picks up the light beautifully while adding more sophistication to any room.”

“Most of the specialty work I do involves glazing. It’s like making a wall surface the background of a beautiful oil painting where the depth and coloring create the ambience of any room” explains Jano. “My all-time favorite projects are kid’s rooms because they are always creative and kids just can’t help but burst out with happiness when they see their new room.”

Call us today to schedule a consultation with Jano.

The Fine Print:
Jano will provide a free one-hour design and finish consultation, as well as painting estimate. Must be scheduled before December 31, 2013.

Jano Brindisi Jano served her apprenticeship under a master painter and has pursued the craft of painting for over twenty years. An expert in faux finishes and design, she loves to help bring her clients color choices and designs to the best finish possible. She served her most famous client, Nicholas Cage, as his personal home painter for a number of years before returning to the North Shore. When Jano is not painting she is pursuing her love of music. Check out her music here.