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Helping Rebuilding Together in 2014

Posted on 31 December 2013 | Category: General

Rebuilding Together hosts National Rebuilding Day each year on the last Saturday in April. It is well organized and the work is always greatly appreciated by the homeowner. This year my son recruited two of his New Trier High School classmates and together we helped a local homeowner who was unable to perform home related tasks due to equilibrium and balance issues. In one day we installed a much-needed stair handrail, sank new posts for a back fence gate that was posing a security concern and caught up with the yard-work.

Thanks to great clients and generous employees we were able to give back in 2013 in a very big way.

Rebuilding Together introduced us to a local, disabled Vietnam Veteran whose home desperately needed some work. The biggest concern was a bathroom that was inoperable due to leaky plumbing and rotted/missing walls. Other much needed projects included a kitchen floor that had structural issues and, most frustratingly, a front door that swung the wrong way and prevented the veteran from entering his house in his wheelchair unassisted.

Rebuilding Together, along with Sears Heroes at Home, asked if we could donate the man- and woman-power to tackle this project with the least disruption to the veteran and his family.

The Get Dwell team had the bathroom up and running in two days and the entire project done in three days, including the installation of proper lighting and handrail systems.

It is always incredible what a fresh coat of paint can do to brighten a home and Get Dwell painted in the living areas.

“The homeowner was ecstatic to finally get their home painted. The veteran’s wife had always dreamed about two different accent walls; a bright, scarlet red in the kitchen and a real deep purple in the living room” recalled Jano Brindisi, a painter on the project, “and believe it or not, the colors really worked!”

All of us at Get Dwell wish you a healthy and happy home in 2014!

Ty Pennington with both Rebuilding Together and Sears Heroes at Home

If this kind of hard work sounds like fun to you, contact Rebuilding Together at 847.869.0900.

Thank You, Goldman Sachs!

Posted on 17 December 2013 | Category: General

As I reflect back on the past year, it is obvious what a positive impact Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business (10ksb) program has had on our company. Every alumni of the program that I have spoken to has credited Goldman Sachs with helping their business improve and become more successful.

Goldman Sachs has invested 500 million dollars into existing American small businesses, like Get Dwell, with the sole intent of helping them grow. This growth will naturally lead to more hiring which, in turn, will then help create greater, overall economic growth. To Goldman Sachs this is a good thing.

Many people, myself included, did not realize the impact that small businesses have on our economy. Since the recession began, 60% of the net new jobs were created by small businesses and 50% of the U.S. population is employed by a small business. Goldman Sachs understood the economic importance of American small businesses and began the 10ksb program after the success of their 10,000 Women program in which they funded and trained 10,000 underserved women around the world with a business and management education.

This recession has been hard for absolutely everyone. If we did not actively realize it before, we all now know the interconnectedness of the American economy, the American people and the rest of the world. Shuttered storefronts and business failures have touched everyone in the Chicago area, the nation and beyond. Goldman Sachs realized that by helping small businesses they would help the economy and the nation. Small businesses that qualify for the program are awarded a scholarship. Basically, a mini-MBA directed on their individual business. Goldman Sachs then pours herculean effort, top talent and valuable resources into these small businesses. They use the nation’s top entrepreneurial curriculum from Babson College. This is all done with no strings attached. Our success would be their success.

For three months, my fellow business owners and I attended class at Harold Washington College in downtown Chicago. The exemplary team, led by President Donald J. Laackman, a former Managing Director at Accenture, was impressive. The teaching professionals at Harold Washington College, part of the City Colleges of Chicago, gave us everything they had, every day.

Our cohort consisted of over 30 dynamic small business owners, none of whom had MBAs or business degrees. We were all entrepreneurs, but like everyone else, we were limited by what we did not know. For many, it would be the first time they could actually work “on” their business instead of “in” their business giving them the opportunity to discover more potential.

Many of the businesses were minority or women-owned small businesses (M/WOSB) and some were first generation Americans who braved great difficulties to pursue the American dream.  I learned they all shared the same goal as Goldman Sachs. They all believed they could grow, to be a better employers, to be better citizens, to hire more people and were all proud to do their part in growing our economy. And if you saw what I saw, you would know that American small businesses have the talent and the passion to help get us there.

Our cohort was also both blessed and saddened to have Neil Pagano, a fellow North Shore resident, as a member.  Neil’s entrepreneurial passion, keen mind, and good nature exemplified entrepreneurship and when he passed away unexpectedly during our training his spirit helped inspire us not only to be better business owners but to be better spouses, parents and friends. After Neil’s passing, we left a place for him at our table and continued to keep his spirit in our hearts.

In addition to Goldman Sachs, I would like to thank Bruce Heyman, a Partner with Goldman Sachs who has just been nominated to be the next U.S. Ambassador to Canada, for his hands-on work with us, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel for embracing and supporting the 10ksb initiative in Chicago and Warren Buffett, 10ksb Advisory Council Co-Chair.

Warren Buffet’s involvement prompted my good friend, Robert Coleman to call and persuade me to apply. In addition to Bobby, I would also like to thank Bral Spright, the director of Chicago 10ksb, Jason Jacobsohn, my 10ksb advisor, Jenny Kaplan, VP Goldman Sachs Foundation, Jeff Silver, CEO of Coyote Logistics (who gave our inspiring commencement address) and especially Joanne Stieger who handed me a one of the keys to unlocking growth in my own business.

If you or someone you know has a business that is poised for growth and has a minimum of four employees and revenues between $150,000 and $4 million a year, they may qualify for this life-changing program. Find out more here.

Please feel free to call me anytime at 847-922-3418 as I would be happy to answer any questions and help in any way I can.


Darryl Rose
Get Dwell

Like us on Facebook and get $25 OFF

Posted on 16 December 2013 | Category: Specials

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Tomorrow is Fix-it-Friday

Posted on 12 December 2013 | Category: Events, Specials

Fix-it-Friday was started to help our clients bring new life to those useful, sentimental and hard-to-find objects that are broken or do not work quite like they used to.

Our clients have found it difficult to find the “right” people to help them fix household items like furniture, lamps and other keepsakes. Armed with years of fixing experience and the right tools our carpenters and handymen make us the perfect resource to help save and fix your household objects and give them new life. Just bring the items you want fixed by the shop at 1046 Gage St (Alley Shop) in Winnetka between 9-5:00 this Friday. We’ll let you know if they can be fixed and give you a detailed cost estimate.

Enter Tower Court at the intersection of  Tower Rd and Greenbay Rd and proceed north down the alley -or- park at Hubbard Woods Park (at the Hubbard Woods train station) and walk south 2 doors down the alley and you’ll see our sign:

Give us a call if you have questions 847-922-3418 and we’ll see you on Friday!