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10 Ways to Prepare Your House for a Chicago Winter

Posted on 16 September 2014 | Category: Tips

1: Walk your home’s entire exterior
Note any areas that need immediate attention

2: Evaluate your external watershed
Water does not belong next to the house

3: Evaluate the exterior fabric of your home
Painting and masonry are not winter-friendly tasks

4: Inspect the foundation
Cracks can be fixed, and now is the time

5: Investigate the attic
While you’re there, determine the R-factor of the insulation

6: Seal any open penetrations to your home
First water, then bugs … then mice

7: Clean up the places that need it
Power washing can be fun!

8: Check your fences and gates
Or, stand in line for fence repair after the next big storm

9: Weatherize or replace your doors and windows
Your toes will thank you this winter

10: Turn off spigots and remove hoses before the first frost
Something you definitely want to remember, so they do not get damaged or ruined

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