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How to Spot Hidden Damage from Wicked Winter Weather

Posted on 10 April 2015 | Category: General, Press

Darryl Rose of Get Dwell on CBS 2 CHICAGO offering solutions for basement flooding to Chicago area homeowners

Basement flooding is becoming increasingly common in the Chicago area and it is something more and more homeowners are guarding against. For many years, 90 percent of storms in Illinois produced less than 1 inch of rain but in recent years there has been an increase in the occurrence and intensity of 2-to-3 inch rainstorms. The Chicago area, topographically dominated by the glacial Lake Chicago plain can create a drainage nightmare for homeowners. The dense clay base of our region and the water level of Lake Michigan makes subsurface drainage highly ineffective. When big rains hit there is nowhere for the water to go and it can overwhelm homes and municipal systems designed to prevent flooding.

Basement flooding can occur from water pouring over the top of the foundation, through a leaking wall or floor crack, through the basement window, through the cove joint (where the wall and floor meet), the back up of an overwhelmed municipal sewer or storm water system or some other unique weak point, like a below-grade door. Fortunately, there are now flood prevention systems available so homeowners can avoid these disasters.

Having a dry basement is essential to the health of your home and with today’s advanced systems there is no need to worry “if” or “when” your basement will flood. If you need help understanding the cause of your basement flooding or how you can prevent flooding from occurring, call us at Get Dwell as we’d be happy to schedule a consultation.