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Dear Valentine, The Love Shack deserves $50 off!

Posted on 14 February 2016 | Category: Specials


“Dearest Valentine,
While my love for you grows every day, so does the work that needs to be done around the house.

And while you always know how to please me, please don’t forget we can save $50 this week, complete the honey-do list, perhaps get a little painting done and maybe take care of a few needed repairs.”

Get Dwell professional services has been helping homeowners stay in love since 2005. For $50 off Valentine Projects must be scheduled this week so contact us today or call 847-922-3418.

The 30-Day Remodeling System

Posted on 10 February 2016 | Category: Featured Projects, General

The ClarkesWhen the Clarkes purchased their new home they knew they had a short 30-day window from the close to move in.

They also knew they needed to do a major renovation including:

  1. Total remodel of the master bathroom.
  2. Removing a long wall and cabinets to open up the space between the kitchen and dining room.
  3. Installing new flooring.
  4. Retrofitting custom book cases.
  5. Replacing the hot water heater.
  6. Painting and wallpapering throughout.

Clarkes house 2When it came to choosing the right contractor for the job however, the choice was easy. Get Dwell had been their contractor of choice for the last ten years so it made perfect sense to take advantage of Get Dwell’s 30-Day Remodeling System to get them into their new home on time.

Thirty days after the Clarke’s signed a contract on their old house, Get Dwell has completed the renovations and they have moved into their new home. “We couldn’t be happier” says Mrs. Clarke. “Get Dwell did a fantastic job and their 30-Day Remodeling System allowed us to move in on time and on budget.”

Clarkes houseIf you would like to learn more about Get Dwell’s 30-Day Remodeling System please contact us or give us a call at 847-922-3418.