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Is Your Home Trustable?

Posted on 24 October 2017 | Category: General
We are frequently contacted by homeowners who have experienced major issues with their home that ultimately could have been avoided if a professional home maintenance plan had been in place. That is why, years ago, we developed the Trustable Home Plan.  Now, hundreds of our clients enjoy their home with less stress and worry because they know Get Dwell has completed their required home maintenance tasks on time, every time. Below are the 3 steps we would take to make your home as trustworthy as possible.

Step #1: Get Dwell’s Trustable Home Assessment

Our Trustable Home Assessment includes a complete home assessment from a IL Licensed Home Inspector who thoroughly examines all of your home’s trouble areas and maintenance needs. Once your home is accurately assessed, we provide a customized, step-by-step, maintenance guide detailing all the maintenance tasks your home requires throughout the year.
The Trustable Home Assessment is $149 for current Get Dwell clients and $229 for new clients (includes one attic assessment).

Step #2: Get Dwell’s Trustable Home Plan

Our Trustable Home Plan ensures that you would receive all the home maintenance your home requires throughout the year. We can manage some, or all, of the maintenance replacement products, like filters and keep all of your essential systems, like gutters and dryer vents, functioning properly. Clients tell us they are able to enjoy their home more with much less stress because they are on The Trustable Home Plan.

Step #3: Schedule Your Services Seasonally

This Pre-Winter Season may require the following:

Gutter Cleaning

The external watershed system of almost every house requires that gutters and downspouts be cleaned and inspected at least once per year. At Get Dwell, all work will be performed by a IL Licensed Roofing Contractor or CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep.
Gutter Cleaning: $249 for a low, simple roof system, up  to $499 for more complex and higher roof systems.

Chimney Inspection / Cleaning 

Regular chimney inspections can greatly reduce the risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning in the home. All work by Get Dwell will be performed CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep.
Chimney Inspection: $99 for the first flue and $49 for each additional / Chimney Cleaning: $269 (includes inspection)

Attic Assessment

Attics are one of the most often overlooked trouble areas for any home in the Chicago area. They often hide the biggest and most avoidable energy loss for any homeowner and virtually all attics require periodic inspections to be safe and avoid more serious issues. Our Attic Assessment will be performed by a IL Licensed Home Inspector. If you order our Trustable Home Assessment, one of these are included.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) recommends that your dryer venting be inspected and cleaned at least once per year.  They estimate that 16,000 home fires could be avoided every year with an clean and inspected dryer vent.
Dryer Vent Cleaning: $199
 Finally, If you have questions about any type of professionally scheduled maintenance plan or if you have another project in mind,  contact us online or give us a call M-F 8:00-4:00PM at 847-922-3418.