Our Hardware Store Partners

Great customer service and good, reliable neighbor-to-neighbor interactions are the cornerstones of any successful local hardware store. Over the last ten years, Get Dwell has hand picked the best and hardest-working local hardware stores across Chicagoland to supply our clients with better, faster and more reliable services than any big box store could possibly provide. Our partner stores are overwhelmingly multi-generational, family-owned businesses, whose owners’ fathers or grandfathers started the stores. Two of our stores even have great, great grandfathers who founded the company.

The local hardware store is the best place for knowledgable product advice and for helpful how-tos. If customer’s projects demand more skills than they may possess or perhaps require more work than they are willing to tackle, our hardware store partners are able to offer Get Dwell’s “GetProjectsDoneRight” service. Partnering with Get Dwell allows our  insured, certified and locally-trusted team to help the hardware store customer by providing professional installation, utilization and implementation of hardware store products.

From painting and installation to repairs and remodeling, no project is too big or too small for Get Dwell. Our team will complete each project on time and on budget.

If you are a hardware store customer and need help with your projects, please feel free to contact us today.

If you are a hardware store owner and would like further information on Get Dwell’s GetProjectsDoneRight partnership — allowing you to safely and professionally give your customers the help they need — please call 847-922-3418 or email us today.


Hardware Store Partners